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Automatic Control Systems

Design and development of solutions for automation of technological processes of power plants and substations. Supply, installation, adjustment and commissioning.

We carry out the following work in the field of APCS:

-  Development of monitoring systems of electrical equipment of any voltage class and destination
-  Development of  process control systems
-  Development of special events control systems
-  Development of  supervisory control systems and automated dispatch control systems
-  Development of ESD systems.

We have a contractual partnership with such manufacturers as ABB, Omron, Metsoautomation, SPC Energosoyuz (Saint Petersburg) and others.

Close cooperation with experts of the manufacturers and specialists of their dealers promotes to creation of the high-quality and reliable systems, that best meet the current tasks, as well consider customers’ needs in the future.

Specialized solutions for power companies provide high reliability of communication channel.

Some of our completed projects:

-  The monitoring system of  the relay protection of  Unit 5 at  Reftinskaya GRES
-  The monitoring system of the DC boards at  CHP-6, Irkutskenergo, OJSC
-  The control system 6-0,4 kV  at Novo-Sverdlovsk CHP