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Distributed Power Generation

Distributed Power Generation

Deputy General Director for Distributed Power Generation: Tsyrlin Petr Vladimirovich

E-mail: pvts@ues.ru

Phone: +7(343) 216-01-96

Under conditions of steep rise in energy rates, worn out state of grids and poor quality of supplied heat and electric power the questions of energy shortage, energy self-containment, redundancy, efficiency of energy supply and optimization of power rates have come to the fore.

Distributed power generation successfully solves the enumerated problems. It traditionally includes construction of mini-CHP and modular boiler plants operating on natural gas. It satisfies the demand for power resources and provides redundancy. Moreover, it improves quality of consumable heat and electric power. The payback period of construction of the mini-CHP, modular boiling plants and power grids is 3-8 years depending on the initial conditions. The partnership with the leading Russian and foreign manufacturers of equipment promotes to accomplish the tasks efficiently.

The small generators have the following features:

  1. Mini-CHP

The idea of the mini-CHP is based on co-generation, i.e. simultaneous production of heat and electric energy.

Compactness, reliability, self-containment and sustainability are the distinctive features of the mini-CHP based on gas reciprocating engines and gas-turbine units. Heat recovery systems make it possible to produce “shareware” heat energy for heating buildings, hot-water supply or technological cycle. It increases combustion efficiency to 90%. Using the gas reciprocating engines and gas-turbine units is caused by installation of gas in the construction area.

The cost of power produced by the gas reciprocating engines and gas-turbine units is about 1.5-2 times less than the rates of utilities companies. Moreover, the payback period of mini-CHP construction is far less than the payback period of technological connection to the grid.

  1. Modular boiling plants

The tendency to decentralization of heating system increases today.

The modular boiling plants operating on natural gas are ideal for self-contained power supply: heating and hot-water supply of towns, residential, public and commercial buildings, technological and production needs of industrial facilities. The fully automatic and compact boiling plant meets the requirements of environmental standards and provides the required parameters of a heat career. Using energy conservation methods and modern equipment, low outage in heating systems, low expenditures for personnel, high reliability and low operating costs increases efficiency and safety of energy system.  The cost of 1MW heat energy produced by the modular boiling plant is about 1.5 times less than the power rates of utilities companies. The payback period of such boiling plant depends on the particular conditions but doesn’t exceed 7 years whereas its projected service life is about 20 years.

We perform the whole range of work including the following: technical and economic assessment, design, supply, installation, adjustment, commissioning and service maintenance.

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Head of the Heat Engineering Group: Kirdyaev Vadim Sergeevich

E-mail: kvs@ues.ru

Phone: +7(343) 216-01-70