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Generator Excitation Systems

Head of the Group: Panshin Vladimir Ivanovich

E-mail: pan@ues.ru

Phone: +7 (343) 216-12-34

Design, supply, adjustment and commissioning of digital and analog generator excitation systems. Modernization of generator excitation systems of the previous generation. Warranty and maintenance service. 

We have  a contractual partnership in the field of excitation systems with the following companies:

-        Siloviye Mashiny, OJSC, the branch  Electrosila, Saint Petersburg (generator excitation systems)

-       SPC Avgust, LLC, Moscow (devices for modernization of excitation systems)

-       ABB Ltd «UNITROL» (automatic voltage regulating  systems and static excitation systems  for synchronous generators and machines of any power).

Excitation Systems

The group of excitation systems was founded in 1997.  During this time the group carried out a number of major engineering work on reconstruction, modernization and repair of the excitation systems for synchronous generators (from 24 to 800 MW) at more than 25 Russian power plants.

We have an operational experience with all types of the excitation systems of both the previous generation and the new generation  made on a microprocessor-based with ARV-M (Russian: АРВ-М)  digital excitation controllers.

Earlier, we mainly modernized high frequency and thyristor systems with analog control. We replaced  ARV-SD (Russian :АРВ-СД)  controllers by ARV-SDP-1M (Russian: АРВ-СДП-1М)  semiconducting controllers  or made a partial or full replacement   of  ARV-SD (Russian :АРВ-СД)   controllers  by ARV-R (Russian :АРВ-Р)   controllers with compulsory installation of manual excitation controls.  This kind of work is now popular among our customers as a low-budget variant.

At the moment Siloviye Mashiny, OJSC (the branch Electrosila)  is our main partner in the field of the excitation systems. The partnership with Siloviye Mashiny, OJSC (the branch Electrosila) continues and strengthens.

We keep in touch with our customers. We are always ready to give advice and to render technical assistance, if it is necessary.