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Group of Complex Work

Deputy General Director for Complex Work: Mikhailov Andrey Vasilievich

E-mail: mav@ues.ru

Phone: +7 (343) 216-12-48

Recently there has been an increased demand for carrying out the whole complex of reconstruction work at the market of power industry (reconstruction of excitation systems, DC systems, frequency drive systems and etc). This complex of work includes design, supply, dismantling, installation, adjustment and commissioning. Thus, such customer’s needs as turnkey projects are performed.

So, it was decided to establish a group of complex work. Today the group consists of five crews of electricians and one crew of constructors. The head of each crew is a foreman. Each crew also consists of a certified welder and several erectors which have the right to be strappers. All the employees have electrical safety qualification levels required to perform work at electrical equipment of voltage up to and exceeding 1000V. One or two crew members have the right to act for drivers. The crews have  dual-purpose vehicles  GAZ-2705, hoisting devices, fitter’s and assembler’s tools, welder equipment, ladders, scaffold towers, hydraulic jacks,  personnel protective equipment (including working clothes) and etc. All the employees periodically improve their skills at the specialized training centers.

We reconstructed excitation systems at Kachkanar CHP, Ust’-Ilimsk HPP, Reftinskaya GRES, Karmanovskaya  GRES, Kazan’ CHP-3.

The new additional working areas were built for standby excitation systems at CHP of Volzhskiy Avtomobilny Zavod, Tyumen’ CHP-2, Reftinskaya GRES.

We performed reconstruction work including the replacement of the accumulator batteries and the equipment of the direct current boards at Nazarovskaya GRES, Berezovskaya GRES, Tomskaya GRES, Novosibirsk HPP, Nizhnevartovskaya GRES, Reftinskaya GRES, Novo-Sverdlovsk CHP, Sredneuralskaya GRES, Karmanovskaya GRES, Naberezhnye Chelny CHP, Saratov CHP, Novogorkovskaya CHP

We also renovated premises at some power plants.

We installed the frequency drives of the raw-coal feeders at Berezovskaya GRES and Reftinskaya GRES.

The specialists of the group also perform non-core work, i.e. work that is unrelated to reconstruction of the excitation systems, DC systems, frequency drive systems and etc. So we reconstructed the substation integration modules – 6kV of Unit 4  at Reftinskaya GRES. That work included the following:

-  Design,
-  Dismantling of the old equipment,
-  Installation of the substation integration modules – 6kV, heating, lighting and ventilation systems and fire alarm systems.

We performed work consisting in the replacement of the air circuit breakers to the SF6 circuit breakers (produced by ABB) of Units 3 and 4 at Reftinskaya GRES.

The supply, installation and adjustment of the arc-control systems of 5 sections 6kV were performed at  Novo-Sverdlovsk CHP.

The supply, dismantling of the old equipment, installation and adjustment of  the relay protection and automation system of Units 3 and 6  were performed at  Ust-Ilimsk HPP.

The largest complex work was successfully completed with the participation of  our employees in the reconstruction of Unit 10 (with the installed capacity 500MW)  at Reftinskaya GRES. We performed the design, supply, civil-engineering design, installation, adjustment  of the unit-connected transformer, auxiliary transformer, bus ducts of all voltage levels, relay protection, excitation and DC systems at the course of the work.

High mobility, excellent quality and efficiency are our distinctive features that allow us to fulfill the projects in a short period of time.