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Maintenance Service of Fiber Optic Lines

Head of the Group: Antipov Igor Valentinovich

E-mail: ai@ues.ru

Phone: +7 (343) 216-76-60

The maintenance service of fiber optic lines includes the following:

-  Maintenance  - periodic inspections of FOL, inspection of lines for visual troubleshooting and  fixing, annual measurement of  optic characteristics of cable and assessment of  its condition on the basis of measurements  (analysis of optical signal attenuation in comparison with the previous years), measurement of cable sags.
-  Emergency recovery work – breakages detection of FOL, restoration of functionality at a constant or a temporary scheme. Drawing up executive documentation.
-  Current repairs  - carrying out repairs on schedule

The group is staffed with professional engineers and erectors.

In the course of work we keep a complete set of maintenance documents that allows customer to control the whole work.