Uralenergo – Soyuz, CJSC was founded in 1997 by specialists of “Uraltechenergo”

Today Uralenergo-Soyuz, CJSC is an engineering company carrying out the following work: design, supply, installation, adjustment and commissioning of switchgears of any voltage classes, power equipment and fiber optic lines at power facilities. The company has its own equipment to perform the full range of work, from design to commissioning.

From the beginning, there were three lines of activity: installation of fiber optic lines, DC systems and generator excitation systems. It was available to be limited by this or concentrate on general contracting and equipment sales. But the company executive, O. Permyakov, staked on development of new lines of activity. And he didn’t make mistake.

As a beginning it was decided to expand the activity at the expense of designing service. Installation works were the following step. In the case of design it was a matter of reorientation of the engineers’ activity whereas the company has made much more efforts for development of installation works: it was necessary to find qualified erectors, organize a collective, buy equipment and create a crew management system.

The subsequent departments were established one at a year. Today the company includes the following groups:

-                   Generator excitation systems

-                   DC systems

-                   Frequency drive systems

-                   Relay protection and automation systems

-                   Digital telecommunication systems

-                   The group of complex work

-                   Fiber optic lines

-                   Maintenance service of FOL

-                   Automatic control systems

-                   Distributed power generation, diagnostics of turbines and generators

-                   Heat-mechanical group

-                   Assembling department

All the specialized departments aren’t pooled by a common process but they can work closely with each other. It depends on specific tasks within the framework of one or another project.

Today it is evident that the chosen strategy of diversification turned out to be true.



 Installation of excitation systems of generators from 30 to 800 MW is a traditional line of activity of the company. The process of modernization has been begun with coming the new millennium at Russian power stations. Morally and physically out-of-date equipment was replaced by modern equipment which tunes in to the spirit of time. This equipment consists of microprocessor hardware components.

The group “Generator excitation systems” was expanding with increasing volume of works. The specialists of the group carried out reconstruction and maintenance service of excitation systems of 15 generators at Russian power stations at 2012 year.The most significant realized projects are 800 MW units at Permskaya GRES and Surgutskaya GRES-2

The specialists of the group are mastering foreign-made equipment for improvement of their professionalism.


 One of the main activity lines of the company is a construction (including reconstruction) of direct and alternating current systems at power facilities. Since all  elements of systems are interdependent, an issue of reconstruction is complex decided. It enables the company to meet customer’s requirements and give clients the final product that is convenience in service and takes into account the working peculiarities of each facility.

The specialists of the group constantly develop and reduce innovations. For example, a developed specialized program is applied for selective tripping plan mapping when the specialists choose protective equipment

The main customers of the group are the following companies: RusHydro, E.On Russia, Enel OGK-5, Irkutskenergo, Interregional Distributive Grid Company of Urals. The main partners of the company are ABB concern, “Convertor” plant, Accu-Vertrieb.

Reconstruction of a DC system is completed at Cheboksary HPP in 2012. Retrofitting of control direct and alternating current systems is also completed at Novosibirsk HPP. An uninterruptible power system of technologic control systems is being created at Kama HPP.These projects are significant for the group and the company by complexity, responsibility as well as volume.

 A supply of DC system equipment for construction of Jubga HPP was performed.

A replacement of DC boards was carried out at Bratsk HPP and Bratsk CHP, Irkutskenergo.

Equipment of uninterruptible power systems for a new dry ash-and-slad removal system at the company Enel request was installed at Reftinskaya GRES.

Development of the standard “Control direct current systems of hydropower plants” for RusHydro, OJSC is a considerable milestone for the group.



The group installs frequency drives of various auxiliary mechanisms at power stations. The specialists of the group performed the full range of work from preliminary inspection to commissioning. Preliminary inspection of auxiliary mechanisms is one of the most important stages of work. It enables to evaluate technological liability and economic efficiency of integration of frequency drives. In some cases sufficient measures for increasing efficiency of auxiliary mechanisms operation are the following: optimization of working conditions, rewriting of parameter charts and so on. As a general the result of preliminary inspection is a feasibility study.  So, an integrated approach to integration of variable drives enables to get a foretaste of the need for their application, optimize costs associated with operation of mechanisms, exclude unproductive power supply, and provide considerable heat and water economy in heat-supply and water-supply systems.

Today a new line of activity “Reconstruction of 0.4kV switchgears” is developing as a part of the group. 2 large projects (reconstruction and construction of 0.4kV switchgears) were realized at Reftinskaya GRES and Novo-Sverdlovskaya GRES in 2012.

The largest partners of Uralenergo-Soyuz, CJSC in this field are the international concern ABB, the leading manufacturer of power equipment of any voltage classes and technologies for automation, and the American company «Rockwell Automation».



The group carries out the following work: design, supply, adjustment, testing, and commissioning and maintenance service of relay protection equipment at station and substation of any voltage classes. The group “Relay protection system” has a full range of modern checkers and devices which are essential in checking microprocessor and analog relay protection. The specialists of the group have certificates for the right to commissioning and service work with the relay protection systems of the leading manufacturers.

The main customers are Enel OGK-5, OJSC; E.On Russia, OJSC; OGK-1, OJSC, Complex power systems, CLSC.

The group put into operation relay protection of transformers for generator excitation systems at Perm” CHP-14, Surgutskaya GRES-2, Permskaya GRES in 2012. The group also performed design, supply, installation, adjustment and commissioning of the system “Automatic equipment for look-ahead load shedding of units” at Reftinskaya GRES. Today the specialists of the group are retrofitting the electrical annexes of Unit 5, 500MW and the dry ash-and-slad removal system at Reftinskaya GRES. They are also designing the relay protection of Units 1 and 5 at Nazarovskaya GRES.



Uralenergo-Soyuz, CJSC carries out design and development of modern high production and accurate telecommunication systems for power facilities, carriers, public offices, finance institutes and plants. The company performs work in the following areas: primary data transmission networks  PDH/SDH/DWDM, data transmission networks IP/MPLS/ATM/FR, automatic telephone systems,   access networks  (wired) TDM and FR, “last mile” solutions xDSL, regional, city and office telephone networks, call-centers, wireless networks and others. If it necessary, the company also carries out design of structured cabling systems, intrusion detection and fire alarm systems, access control and air conditioning systems, secondary supply systems in the frameworks of projects. The company also develops necessary construction plans during preparation of premises for installation of communication equipment.

Specialized solutions for power companies provide high reliability of communication channel.

The SS 110/35/6 “Palniki”, the largest facility in Perm’, has been put into operation with the participation of the specialists of the group in 2012. Another important project is a construction of the communication complex of Yuzhnyi Ural EBEG (enterprise of Backbone electric grids) within the framework of the modernization and expansion of the communication network of Backbone electric grids of Ural (MES of Urals), the branch of FGC of UES, OJSC



The group carries out the full range of work. It embodies the main principle of the company – complexity. The group consists of 3 departments: a production department (6 wiring crews and a construction gang), a department of technical audit and a purchasing department. A welding department also was established. Besides new welding equipment manufactured by Lorh was purchased. It allowed the company to solve technological problems  rapidly  and  qualitatively. Foremen and welders of the crews have completed training at the specialized training centers. They have all necessary permits.

High mobility, excellent quality and efficiency allow the company to fulfill the projects in a short period of time

The group performed projects at Reftinskaya, Nazarovskaya, Permskaya GRES, Surgutskaya GRES-2, Novo-Sverdlovsk CHP, Bratsk CHP-6, Bratsk CHP-7, Cheboksary, Novosibirsk, Ust’-Ilimsk CHPs, Gubkinskiy GTP and other facilities in 2012.



The group carries out the following work: design, cable lacing on high-voltage lines 35kV, 110kV, 220kV and 500 kV, cable laying in the ground and a duct bank(ADSS and OPGW).

Within the last 15 years the specialists of the group have designed and constructed  communication networks at many power facilities, facilities of nuclear industry, metallurgy and engineering industry. Today geography of department activity includes Chelyabinsk and Tyumen’ regions, Perm’ and Krasnoyarsk territory, Khanty-Mansi autonomous area in addition to Sverdlovsk region.

Among customers of the group are such companies as “Interregional Distributive Grid Company of Urals”, Backbone electric grids (MES) of Ural, MTC, Megafon and others.

The group designed and installed FOC on the high voltage line 110kV at the section “Nizhnyi Tagil-Perm’” ( the total length is more than 500km), designed and constructed the trunk section of FOL “NS-CHP – Malahit SS” (the total length is 120km), constructed the trunk section of FOL “Zlatoust SS – Taganay SS” the total length is 11 km), realized the project “SS Tarko-Sale – SS Urengoy” (the total length is 97 km) in the interest of Backbone electric grids of Western Siberia. The projects “Reconstruction of HVL 220kV at the sections “Yuzhnouralskaya GRES – KS 19” and “Yuzhnouralskaya GRES – Shagol 3” with the branch line to Isakovo SS” (the total length is 150km) and “SS Urengoy – NGHT” (the total length is 30km) are in the implementation.



Maintenance service of fiber optic lines includes the following:

-  Maintenance  - periodic inspections of FOL, inspection of lines for visual troubleshooting and  fixing, annual measurement of  optic characteristics of cable and assessment of  its condition on the basis of measurements  (analysis of optical signal attenuation in comparison with the previous years), measurement of cable sags.
-  Emergency recovery work – breakages detection of FOL, restoration of functionality at a constant or a temporary scheme. Drawing up executive documentation.
-  Current repairs  - carrying out repairs on schedule

The group is staffed with professional engineers and erectors.

In the course of work the specialists of the group keep a complete set of maintenance documents that allows customers to control the whole work.



The group carries out design and development of solutions for technological processes automation of power plants and substations, supply, installation, adjustment and commissioning.

Among customers of the group are Reftinskaya GRES, Kama HPP, Novo-Sverdlovsk CHP, Krasnoyarsk CHP.

In 2012 the group performed the following projects: software development of a monitoring system of cubicle switchboard, adjustment and commissioning of an information gathering system, support during commissioning of Unit 5.

The group developed of software for a monitoring system of uninterruptible power supply, performed adjustment and commissioning at Kama HPP

Besides, software was developed and an information gathering system of switchgear 0.4kV was brought into operation at Novo-Sverdlovsk CHP. A dispatch center of a heat-supply system was automated at Krasnoyarsk CHP.



Today construction of own mini-CHPs are actual for the majority of Russian companies. It enables to solve the following problems: power deficiency, increasing quality of supplied power, combating steady rise of expenditures connected with energy carriers.

Uralenergo-Soyuz, CJSC carries out the full range of work in the field of distributed power generation: technical and power assessment, design, supply of equipment, installation, adjustment and maintenance service of power centers based on gas-turbine units and gas-pumping units.

 A preliminary feasibility study of CHP reconstruction for Shadrinsk auto-aggregate plant, OJSC (the customer – Ural mining and metallurgical company) was performed in 2012. A design of retrofitting water boiler of the village Kosulino, Beloyarskiy urban district (the customer – Administration of Beloyarskiy urban district) was also carried out.



The main value of the company is its employees. The team of Uralenergo-Souyz, CJSC are cohesive and professional. The ideal combination of the skilled specialists and the promising young professionals allows the company to exchange experience and apply the latest technologies

The company management is sure that both management and each employee of the company have to improve their efficiency. Therefore all the employees of the company constantly improve their qualification in Russia and abroad. For example, the specialists of the group “Excitation generator systems” have completed training at the concern ABB in Switzerland in 2012.

A HR policy of the company aims to help the employees to realize their potential.

“We open a green signal to those who strive to improve their qualification and to get new knowledge and skills. We don’t hurry to demand from beginners and give them time to adapt for job and the collective. If we understand that a man grow out of a post, we place him on a higher post. The result of such policy is present: we have grown almost all the lead specialists themselves”, - O. Permyakov said pride.



There are development of the heat-mechanical  and distributed power generation lines of activity, establishment of maintenance service departments in all the group (today such department was established only in the fiber optic lines group) in the nearest intentions of Uralenergo-Soyuz, CJSC. The issues of management, automation of work processes, personnel development are still topical.

Everyone knows that each company represents the world view of its leader. The main things for O. Permyakov are extension and development of the company, conservation of the market, interesting projects, opportunities of professional advancement for all the employees and, the most complicated, to achieve appropriate cost effectiveness.


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Oleg Permyakov was born in the village Gorki, Irbit region on January, 7, 1961. He graduated from the electrotecnical faculty of UPI (It is UrFU now). After that he started work at the electrical department of the company “Uraltechenergo”. He has been appointed to a general director of Uralenergo-Soyuz, CJSC in 1997.

High professionalism, experience and leadership skills help Oleg Permyakov to lead the company by the way of intense development during 15 years. He believes that his main achievement is a special leadership style. This style excludes petty keeping of the employees that allows collectives of each departments to control work and make decisions independently if it necessary.

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There are more than 100 realized projects in the assets of Uralenergo-Soyuz, CJSC. The company took part in renovation of equipment at Sayano-Shushenskaya, Bratsk,Ust’-Ilimsk, Cheboksary, Novosibirsk, Kama HPPs, Nizhnevartovskaya, Berezovskaya, Permskaya, Sredneural’skaya, Reftinskaya GRESs, Novo-Sverdlovsk, Naberezhnye Chelny, Kargala, Tobol’sk, Tyumen’ CHPs and many other facilities.

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The partners of Uralenergo-Soyuz, CJSC are the following companies: Silovye Mashiny, OJSC; Swiss concern ABB; plant “Convertor”; AVAYA, the American company  that produces digital ATS, call-centers and VoIP systems.

Among regular customers are RusHydro, OJSC; InterRAO, OJSC; OGK-2, ; E.On Russia, OJSC; Enel OGK-5, OJSC; TGC-9, OJSC; Interregional Distributive Grid Company of Urals, OJSC; Irkutskenergo, OJSC; Tatenergo, OJSC; Fortum, OJSC; FRC of UES, OJSC; the largest service providers and enterprises of Urals.

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Uralenergo-Soyuz, CJSC has the right to perform the following work: design, installation, adjustment and commissioning, engineering survey for construction of buildings with I and II critically rating, testing and measurement of power equipment and electrical power unit up to and above 1000V.

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Quality commitments of Uralenergo-Souyz, CJSC is ensured by implementation and maintenance of the quality management system, constantly increasing its effectiveness and improvement of interaction between all the departments and employees. The company plans to implement and certify an ecological management system that meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001:2004 in 2013 year.

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Proceeding to realization of projects, Uralenergo-Souyz, CJSC  undertakes performance of all the stages of work from preliminary inspection and design to commissioning, training personnel and maintenance service. Just the comprehensive services accomplishment enables the company to meet customer’s requirements and give clients the final product that takes into account the working peculiarities of each facility